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A Tale of Two Weeks: A 3s Story

(by the Report Monkey, based entirely on poor memory)

Firstly apologies for the delay but I got so far behind in doing last weeks report that it is now this week.

As I am so far behind I have decided to combine the two reports. While both games had very different outcomes they did share several commonalities. They both featured players in positions not too familiar to them, and despite the difference in scores they both featured periods of defending that can only be described as epic.

Last weeks game against Wendens started with some good pressure by the 3s, But it took a sweet hand off by Goode and a great offload to create the opening try. Unfortunately however he was on loan to Wendens at the time.

It however did not take long for Cantabs to level the scores after solid team play put us in their 22 Peter saw enough of an opening to squeeze though to dot down his first in Blue and white.

The Second came from a great crash though by Mr Ford (several of the tries came from a Ford crash through offload combination, but he treated himself to this one).

Rick made a beautiful jink, duck, dodge run 40m and dive to dot down our 3rd.

Now comes the point I must apologise again, as I know the scorers but am a little hazy on the scores themselves (and which half they were in).

Cutlers solid defence work and constant support running earned him 2 tries, Solid line running and shoulder distance support play bagged Harry a couple also.

Newmans constant threat on the end of the line and speedy legs got him his season opener.

Disappointed to have a sure thing called back for a injured man, Mark powered though at least 20 men to dot down. Sachas wonder dive into the corner forced Sir to go to the video replay, but he was given the all clear (who says sir cant have a sense of humour). Will scored a blinder of a solo cut though on his debut for Cantabs (and generally played so well the 2s scouts nabbed him up in a heartbeat)

And Rich charged though and ran what I am told was about 500m to claim his second.

Guns cancelled out 5 of the 12 points he had scored off the boot, by dotting down in Wendens colours.

The score ended 74-24, but dont let that fool you Wendens may have turned up a player or three short but they battled us hard for 80 mins.

MoM could have gone to several, but for stepping up and moving 2 rows forward in the scrum. And for making 5 time as many tackles as tries he scored and set up. Mr Ford take a bow.

DoD several little sillies that could have earned this. However for claiming someone elses you score it, you kick it, and missing spectacularly Kieth, hang your head in shame.

Onto the events of this week. Depleted numbers saw only 15 brave men available to face a March team who had newly dropped down to this league and seemed very keen to show the strength of the league above.

The action in this game was a lot more balanced than the score (7-50) will reflect. In my possibly biased opinion anyway.

They may have scored 8 tries to our 1, but we made them work for ever one of them (some a little harder than others admittedly).

Our try came when we finally managed to capitalise on one of the many periods of pressure we applied to them. After hard team graft pushing them back to 10m from their line, Will spotted a hair of space on the blind side of the ruck to dash round, jink the full (nearly run out the back) and dot behind the sticks. Guns boot safer than his basketball passes adding the extras.

Now as there were only a brave 15 a role of honor is called for:

Stefano: On his first attempt in the 1 shirt, did it proud. And there is not many props who are also the front pod jumper, stealing ball in the line out. This man gathered up so much loose ball you would have though he was paying for them.

Kieth: this warrior played on for 80 mins despite an injury 1 min into the game. Hardline Kieth in full effect. Pretty sweet lineout delivery too.

Mark C: CRASH, I know many of the March boys will still be feeling like they were hit by a train thanks to the Beast running.

Carl: solid runs and solid tackles, the scrum cap covers the hair but not the ginger rage.

Ed: there is a reason I call him the tackle monster, he tackles like a monster. None stop hits for 80mins and he probably went out and tackled traffic for fun on his way home.

Jamie: Second game in blue and white, but fought as hard as any. From the silly game of league but a flanking natural.

Scott: this man ran into so many men, I think he thought it was Friday night. Couldnt ask anymore of my 8.

Will: great to have this demon back on the pitch, vision and clarity. Think those are ok traits for a 9.

Guns: The General, bossed us like a concert conductor. The interplay with Will should have Lovett questioning their bromance.

Alex: the lines he ran brought a tear to the eye, and his hits probably brought a tear to theirs.

Ash: great to have the big man back. Probably kept the tally down by at least 3 with some BIG hits.

John: There is youth in the old legs yet, got unlucky not to capitalise on some great runs and good supporting.

Ryan: Solid lines again, was one GOOD pass away from adding to the scoreboard.

Mark F: the fullback you can always fall back on. Was called on the make a lot of last man tackles, and made A LOT of last man tackles.

MoM Stefano, in a team of 15 warriors he warred the hardest (just). Take a bow big man.

DoD possible need to re-learn the rules of the 3s, Kieth.

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