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3s earn huge win over Shelford (I love my club)

(by the Report Monkey)

Sport is a funny business, you choose a team based on whatever random reason and then throw all your passion into playing for or supporting that team. It can lose you friends and make you enemies, a funny business indeed.

That being said I love my club for many reasons, I love my club for the mud brothers it has given me, I love my club through the highs and the lows, I love the fact that even players that play for the 3s but are contenders for the 2s are happy to start on the bench so the guys who started on the bench the week before get to start. We call ourselves a family club because we are FAMILY.

This season some of the fertilizer must have been left on the pitch from the off season as Cantabs ranks seem to grow and grow (I love my club). So despite the fact I took on the captains role expecting to fit 10 random players into 15 shirts on a Saturday, I again am faced with the challenging task of fitting 21 players into 15 shirts (cosy).

To the game, as the score ended 84 - 10 I apologise to the try scorers if their try does not get the embellishment it may deserve, there is just not enough internet to do so!

Shelford were a player light at the start so Matt joined their ranks for the first half, happy to know it gave him the opportunity to run at/tackle his big slow opposite number.

Cantabs were quick to get on the score board with Henry breaking the Shels line to run through and dot down. It was not long before he repeated this for his second. A fitting return for him after a summer of earning this season's subs over ran by a few weeks.

The next I believe went to Shaggy who took a quick tap pen and rampaged through their defence (the fact they had not retreated and could not touch him was of little consequence) to score between the sticks. Judging from his roar he was a little happy to open his score account for the year (He loves his club).

In the next 10 mins we lost Tim C and Andy to injury which was a shame as they had both been playing their part in all our yard gaining. Justin and Beast (or if it sticks Mongo) took the field to replace them.

Beast's rampaging running took a 10 minute break when sir disagreed with his hand off technique (I suppose he may have had a point as there may have been a lack on hands involved).

Dan was next to get on the score board with an epic run that started back at our 22 and ended under their posts, a run that saw him run round or though 6 or 7 attempted defenders. And although it was a great bit of individual skill there were willing support runners on his heals the whole way (I love my club)

Deller and Owen scored the last 2 tries of the half, sorry for the lack of details l was still recovering from running behind Dan.

Shelford scored twice in the first half, to show that we needed to keep our heads on as they could turn dangerous at a moments notice. Sorry I can not tell you where in the flow of the game there tries were scored as my head was lost in the blur of trying to remember who scored all of ours!

At half time I brought Ash on for myself and Jim on for Shaggy. To get Matt ready to come on for us and to show that even our capt is willing to play for anyone to keep the balance, I played the second half in a Shelford jersey, though they seemed to lake the sense of humour to take the joke that "there were no other volunteers".

Now the watching the flood of attacks that brought in 8 more tries was a bit of a strange experience, Shelfords defence seemed to both give up and never give up at the same time. One thing for sure was that the fitness and skill of a club that trains together from 1st team to 3rd team (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00) was too much for them to handle (I love my club).

Sorry for the lack of details but I was shattered from being one of the few players to never give up the chase on the line breakers to remember how they started and who deserves the assists. The scorers were, Will with 2, Alex with 2, Ash (I swear every time I sub off my wing my replacement scores), Justin, Matt and Deller.

Conversions in the game were scored by Borja who got 5 over and had a great debut and played his part in many of the tries. Matt got 1 and Justin (no that is not a typo) also nudged one over.

Thank you to Shelford for making us battle for every point, they could have scored several more if they had used the overlaps they worked.

MoM could have gone to many with great teamwork and commitment from every man in blue and white, Darren, Fitz, Andy, Beast, Carr, Henry, Deller, Shaggy, Will, Alex, Owen, Borja, Sacha, Dan B, Justin, Ash, Matt, Jim, John all played great . But for me Dan Stephens stood out this week, he put a shift in on attack and defence and was unfortunate not to get on the score board (he choose the wrong slow winger to run at).

DoD not as many contenders for this one, could be Beast for his card, or if I was a vindictive man Darren for treading on my foot (looks like I am still wearing a blue sock). But a tradition dictates jug avoidance is the highest of sins so the prize goes to Will for stepping out the back rather than scoring his third.

With 3 teams out (60 players in blue and white) and 3 wins (for the 4th time so far this season) you know what? I love my club.

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