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Gutsy 3s go down fighting vs St Neots 2

With the 1s playing at home this week as well, we were moved onto the school pitch.

After dropouts and call ups to our other squads, we only managed to get 14 players out, and had uncontested scrums due to a lack of front row players.

St Neots kindly lent us a fly half, and so the game got underway with 15 on each team.

Unfortunately we had to put our skipper at scrum half and so our backs suffered slow ball throughout the first half, and we were unable to get much going. St Neots capitalised on our makeshift backline scoring the majority of their tries out wide or in broken play. When Jani stepped in to play 9 in the second half we retained a bit more structure, but unfortunately weren't able to get on the scoreboard.

St Neots were by far the better team, although the every single player who pulled on the Cantabs jersey played with great commitment, and in the end the scoreline might even have flattered the opposition slightly.

I heard after the game that our ref was taking charge of only his third ever game, so I hope he's keen to carry it on, and develop into an official who I'm sure we'll see for many years.

It's a shame the St Neots boys couldn't stick around afterwards, but we did MoM and DoD anyway. Man of the Match was Mateus for a great all round game and continued improvement, although Chik pushed him close. Dick of the Day was Ryan for trying to take the Mark without actually calling to the referee!

Lets all get down to training and we can make sure that next time we put in a performance of this quality that we get the result it deserves.

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