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We are off to Bury St Edmunds for the start of the new season

With the Sedley Taylor pitch still not quite ready for the start of this season's league programme, we have swapped fixtures with BSE to make it a double away fixture for our 1sts and 2nds.

First XV captained by Tom Bailey, who is hoping that his campaign will start better than the first game last year: William Devane is making his club debut at inside centre and good to see Nat Higginbotham on the bench taking his position in the 1st team squad for the first time in many a year,

1 Ryan Moclair, 2 Tom Bailey (capt), 3 Jon Perks, 4 Ed Foster, 5 Ben Tozer, 6 Jack Hopkins, 7 Finn Morrison,

8 William Mason, 9 Ollie Townsend,10 Alan Barker,11 Ben Newman,12 William Devane,13 Finlay Laing,

14 James McCaskie,15 Elliott Baines,16 J-P Middleton,17 Nat Higginbotham,18 Sean Cooper.

2nd XV, also include half a dozen new faces to Cantabs:

1 Jack Holland, 2 J T Davie, 3 Kiran Suman-Chauhan, 4 Adam Tyte, 5 Tom Heaver, 6 Alex Pickering,

7 George Betts, 8 Ben Campbell, 9 Gary Nightingale, 10 Jake Freeman, 11 Adam Davies,12 Daniel Soanes,

13 Alex Bentley,14 Daniel Ward,15 Eliot Perez,16 J T Davie,17 Daniel Morgan,18 Robert Jones.

Good Luck lads!


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