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Chairmans Update May 2020

Hi All,

As we continue with the restrictions imposed around the world on movement, activity and social interactions imposed as a result of COVID-19 I felt it important to reach out to the club and wider community to outline where we are and what the next steps are for Cantabs RUFC.

You may have seen that, due to the loss of on field activity, a number of sports clubs are struggling and likely to reach hard times. I am pleased to confirm that thanks to the excellent continued ongoing work of the club committee and particularly our treasurer, Nigel Faben, the club accounts are in a good position and, although the club will undoubtedly take a hit from this we will remain in a good position to get up and running once we are able to return to normal.

The extended downtime has in some ways offered the club a chance to plan and build for when we are all able to get together and the committee have been working hard to put some of these things into action. We have been meeting over Zoom and will shortly be sending out information regarding the AGM to all members.

On the playing side we do not know when we will all be able to get together again but we are putting in place a plan to return to rugby with a strong pre-season schedule. We are looking to repeat the last few years with a training camp away and pre-season fixtures which we are already looking to get lined up.

Tour was unfortunately postponed this season but we are also looking into plans to get the go ahead on this as it is one of the social highlights of the season and we hope to be able to update you on this as we have more information.

The Summer Ball 2020 also took a hit but you will be pleased to hear that planning for next years celebrations are already underway. This signifies the clubs 75th year and this is gearing up to be an epic night of glitz and glamour so please also keep an eye out for information on this.

We don’t know when we will be permitted to return but I can promise that, when we do, it will be bigger and better than ever and we cannot wait to see the blue and white back out on that pitch

In the meantime, stay safe

Laurence Jones, Cantabs RUFC Chairman

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Good to see cantabs doing well. I will be over next year visiting the old joint for the 75 years anniversary... keep me informed about tickets please. Murray Rees

Gefällt mir
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