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Cantabs Promoted !!

After just one season away, Cantabs are back in London 2. We have been promoted along with West Norfolk, following mathematical completion of the league standings for the 2019/20 season. We were adjudged to have finished runners up to West Norfolk - so close yet so far.

The long awaited show-down game at Sedley Taylor Road between the two clubs, for bragging rights, will now not take place until next season, in a higher division. In the end, the title was decided by a successful penalty kick in the last play of the first game of the season, which gave West Norfolk a win by 33 to 32. The report of that match is in the archive of this season's match reports. Have a look to see just how close to the title we came.

Congratulations to all players and coaches for a well-deserved reward, following a hard fought season; and for some sparkling rugby which saw us outscore West Norfolk by over two hundred points, despite a 0 - 0 walkover result in the cancelled away fixture at Beccles.

Keep safe, and we will see you all next season.

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