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3s Miss out on the Road at Haverhill

by the Report Monkey, based entirely on poor memory

Firstly apologies for the lack of report for Shel 4s game but to surmise, John OD scored, the ref stole my season opener, if you dont believe me ask the entirely unbiased Cantabs supporters that saw it. Mark got a yellow card for inappropriate touching, Kieth got a yellow for inappropriate accuracy, and they scored several more tries than we did. Harry W got MoM for being the ultimate tackle monster of the week, Robbo picked up DoD for getting an ouchie picking apples before the game.

On to the battle of Haverhill

Traveling away with a team of 14 is not the optimum start to a days play but it was the start we had, thankfully Haverhill maintained the spirit of the league and loaned us a man to ensure a 15 a side game could be played.

The offset of the match put in place the formula that would form the basis of the game with both sides running hard lines in attack and both sides putting in the hard tackles to stop those lines.

The opening try fell to the blue and white with some superb hands and pace the backs worked their magic and found enough space for John OD to dot down his second in two weeks. 0-5

Haverhill responded with a period of sustained pressure, which eventually saw them sneak round the side to level the accounts. Shortly after another the return kick they found themselves with a pen in front of the sticks and took the kick for the 8-5 lead.

During the ensuing undulating battle Jamie took a 10 minute rest following some happy feet. Being reduced to 14 did not however reduce our drive and following a couple of quick responses to pens we found ourselves 20m out with another, so Big Tom took the charge getting us inches from the line, the skipper ceased his opportunity to put right his stolen try from last week an leaped Orca like over the line (possibly ignoring a slight overlap out wide) to dot down with Sir fortunately in the right place to see it this week. 8-10 (sadly the last time we would by on the right side of the score board.

Haverhill responding once more before our numbers could be restored. 15-10.

The half had one cruel twist left with minutes left to play when Stefano who had been a one man defensive wall landed awkwardly in a line out putting our leaping prop out for the rest of the game.

Half time came and we were delivered some fresh Haverhill faces into our numbers including a prop so the contest could continue as nature intended.

The next 30 mins of play were not to go Cantabs way, we probably had as many if not more scoring opportunities as them unfortunately the white line was ever elusive for us. Not so much for them and despite some great D from every blue and white shirt they scored 3 unanswered tries before we could put in a response.

Big Tom had been carving though them repeatedly but their solid last ditch defence had prevented us from capitalizing on it until finally one of his breaks was meet with a Rands dip duck dodge offload to Peter who gladly finished of the play with 5 points to the good. 34-15

Haverhill delivered one more blow before the final whistle the finish 41-15.

It is a much used cliche to say that the score board does not represent the game. This week I would say the score may represent the game but in no way the commitment. Many Blue and White warriors fought for most of the game with injuries that any other week would have been rested. All I ever ask of my team before a game is that they give me all they have for 80 minutes and to a man they gave just that.

As is the custom on a short players week I would like to dedicate a role of honour to this weeks Brothers of the 3s

Stefano: this leaping, crashing, one man wall is now my 4th favourite Italian.

Tim: not only managed to avoid a card on this visit to Haverhill was possibly the only player in blue and white to not give any pen away. Tackles aplenty but thats a given for this warrior

Mark C: the wrecking machine. Crash tackle repeat. Beast

Tom C: Big Tom made 2 of the 3 tries and nearly a lot more than that. His boiler room presence a big factor in the scums not taking a backwards step.

Peter: Not a flanker he said, Im a back he said, liar I say. Proving that one man can play any position on the pitch and battle hard at it.

Jamie: other than his flashback to some league dance steps put in 70 mins of BIG HITS.

Scott: put in more hits than he had done swipe rights in the morning (thats a LOT of hits).

Rands: Not a 9 he said. Run hand-off pass (yes I did say pass) repeat.

Robbo: played 80 mins with a dead leg, because hes a BADASS. Clean head and vision as always

Pedro: Spains number 1 rugby player returning for his first game of the season, made it his mission to catch up with the total number of tackles made by all other players so far this season.

Sasha: possibly the fastest Frenchman alive, unlucky to be nudged out on the line to be robbed of a try.

John OD: 2 tries in 2 weeks, and a seasons worth of tackles in one game. One day my former wing buddy will slow down and join me in the pack. But based on his current form that day is quite some time away.

Mark F - cool under pressure and more try saving tackles than you can shake a stick at.

Finally a big thanks to all the Haverhill lads that donned the Blue and White for us you all did the jersey proud while you were in it.

MoM was a tough choice with many a worthy candidate, but for me this week it is Pedros turn to take a bow.

DoD was awarded to Jamie for his dancing feet.

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