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Lessons To Learn for the 3s

(by the Report Monkey)

The 3's travelled to Cambourne for our first away league game of the season full of confidence from the winning ways of the past two weeks - this was possibly our first mistake. As is often the way, thinking a game is won before playing it can lead to an upset on the pitch.

Cantabs kicked off and it very quickly became apparent that Cambourne were a much rejuvenated side from seasons past. And despite some strong tackling by the men in blue and white, Cambourne managed to break the line with some strong running and good hands (this would become the way of the day unfortunately), to open the scoring under the sticks. 0-7

A great break away run by Alex S-W who has jinked, zigged and zagged his way through the defence before passing to Sam on the wing, Sam out ran the last man to dot down for the Tabs. Possibly more importantly than that, he kicked the 3's first successful conversion of the season! 7-7

For the briefest of moments we seemed to be back in the game, unfortunately this did not last long and it did not take long for Cambourne to effectively use their big battering rams to good effect with each needing 2 or more men to bring them down this inevitably gave them the space to break through/round the Cantabs defence. 2 tries scored in quick succession had us 7-19 down.

The next score for Cambourne was the only contentious score of the game, after another break the Cambourne player was brought down 5 meters out and from our perspective seemed to be failing to release the ball, Sir saw it differently and when questioned on his decision gave out not only a yellow card but a penalty try. I was not on the field at this point and never got to speak to Sir about his view of the events; however lessons need to be learned about conversing with sir to prevent future instances, 7-26 and no more scores in the half.

Now as 6 more tries were scored by Cambourne in the second half with none in reply by Cantabs (7-62 the final score), I will not be going into detail on it. Needless to say it consisted of Cambourne continuing to use their size well and, despite tackles in their 1000s from the Tabs, breaking though.

Instead of writing up the second half I am going to continue the 3s tradition of looking at the positives, with a return of the 'Role Call Of Honour'. Tackling may feature highly in this as despite the high score gap it could have been a lot worse.

Tim - New face this season showing true Cantabs spirit and never stopped tackling until his lungs literally gave in.

Brad - This young lad showed many of the older faces that surrender is never an option. And his line-out accuracy showed us that when he comes of age next season he will prove a great weapon for the Cantabs arsenal.

Scott - His first appearance to the Cs and another guy not afraid of putting in the big hits.

Tom P - more big hits than Jackson. And he even held the ball in 2 hands!!

Dan - loved putting his body on the line so much he changed his mind about being subbed off.

John - tackled until his groin could not take it any more (I choose not to ask how that worked!).

Steve - I think this guy is some kind of tackling robot sent back from the past to teach us all the true way of the hard hit.

Mark - reminding us all why he is the Beast!

Will - Another new face for the season great runs and good vocal control of the non-thinkers.

Mark - showing that true skill takes time to mature, cool and calm under fire. Another great new addition for the Tabs.

Keith - lethal runs and big tackles that are often taken for granted but I always enjoy watching them.

Finn - some great runs, great support and great tackles.

Sam - SCORED A CONVERSION, oh and some great running and hits.

Alex - Soooooo fast, razor sharp step and body on the line tackles.

Ash - put his body (and face) on the line time and time again.

Sacha - Do not be fooled by his tiny size this guy can hit harder than a guy 5 times his size. And runs so quick I think he may have burnt my retinas out.

Jack - Another great new find for Cantabs, watching his hits was a lesson in tackling.

Matt - I think he actually prefers putting his body on the line to tackle the big lads than the easier little guys. Weirdo.

Rhys - is he cursed? As far as I can tell only by a passion for all the running/tackling delights the game can offer.

Mateus - if Brazil ever gets a national team this guy should be captain. Never afraid to make the big hits when it matters.

Me - I had a little dance with one of their players, did little else!

MoM - this could have gone to many this week. Steve was the closest runner up for his shear volume and quality of tackles. However the award this week goes to Mark for keeping his head when others were losing theirs and for his sweet sweet hands.

DoD - could have gone to several for losing their discipline at times. However I feel that it was overall possibly down to a lack of leadership on the field so I will fall on the sword this week and award it to myself.

There were many lessons to be learned from this week's game, to me the most important being if you want to win a game you have to earn it!!

Good luck to Cambourne for the rest of the season (though if you continue to play the same way for the rest of it luck will not be needed).

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