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Can Peacocks storm a Castle?

Greene King Deuxieme Plate Final

Cantabrigian III 22 - 17 Shelford 5th

(By the Report Monkey)

As the haze of dinner night eventually wears off (I swear my body used to enjoy the booze I gave it), my attention is directed to a 'great' match report from our competitors for the Deuxieme plate. Rather than respond to the innaccuracies, it was decided that it would be wrong to pick on the 'Nicest team in Cambridgeshire' so we leave them be.

Before I recount what I can remember from the days results I would like to say I actually respect what Shelford RFC do for rugby in as much as have the pull to draw in 5 senior teams and numerous youth age groups. As far as I am concerned the more people in rugby the better. Until we reach that level I am happy with the You train them, We keep them system.

On to game day, a true testament to the captains who have worked hard on getting more numbers for the 3s this year sees 22 guys in blue and white to a man having represented the 3s as regularly as their bodies would allow (with 22 more on the pitch next door!). We were to a man looking forward to the game and the beers to follow. Our first blow of the day came when Sir told us that as Shelford had told him they were expecting a thumping, 'if we did not keep it a close game he would'. And from the kick off he was true to his word!

For the first 10-15 mins we were quite a bit less than good. Giving away far too many silly penalties which Shelford happily capitalised on to give them first blood 0-3, the upright denying them another 3 points. Not long after their hooker broke though and scored right by the sticks 0-10. Time to wake up Cs.

Step up MoM Owen who finally put some points on the right side of the score board the kick was a little out of Shepherd's range but 5-10 was progress. After a lot more work we dotted down a second try thanks again to Owen (edumakation is over-rated mate, sack off uni and stay with us!), 10-10 at half time.

In true 3s spirit of getting all who want a game on the pitch for as long as possible several of us made way for fresh legs (not that any of us wanted too), with a few to be held back to cover any men down. I am not sure when they scored thier second try but again it came from a break by their hooker (this guy would not look out of place in their 2/3s he could even be a centre if he got bored of the scrums). Other than the 2 break away tries our defence was great with too many great tackles to name all of them (Matt I will get to you later!).

As I said I'm a little foggy on the try sequence so for dramatic licence lets say it was scored before ours (everyone loves a comeback story). Both our next 2 tries were very similar, is as much as the team worked well to work the ball forwards closer and closer to the shel's line, then the forwards powered over the line, and Justin was the man to take the final glory both times (a well deserved end to him after a great season). And though Justin got the put downs both very much team tries (maybe ever so slightly forwards dominated).

22-17 to Cantabs and 10 mins to hold on, then disaster their hooker broke through the line to give him self a one on one with Shepherd... and Shepherd nailed him. Try, no game saving tackle. Never doubted you for a minute!!!! As it does at times like this the remaining minutes lasted for hours, shelford pressed and pressed but to no avail and time finally ran out, the ball was kicked out, 22-17 Cantabs PARTY time!!!

The score reflects how far their 5ths have come since losing 82-nil to pretty the same squad 2 months ago. Would have been nice if the bus could have been arranged to stay for presentation time but the logistics of getting 50 men to the annual dinner is not so simple. And to Quote Mr James 'it was our trophy so we only needed a custodian to bring it home'.

No list of recognition this week as Saturday night plus 22 players means there is not a hope in hell of me remembering what I did let alone everyone else. Lets just say we were all awesome (eventually) and I will see you all next season, maybe even at this training thing I have heard so much about.


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