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2nd Team Draw it out with RAF

Yet again Cantabs pack provided all the grunt and endeavour, the backs were cutting lines all over the place so the first score was well over due. A cheeky show and go from the captain to go over in the corner.

This woke up the regiment boys who started to play some rugby and put us under pressure. It's worth saying that Honington had a few familiar faces in their back line. Josh Schmidt, Ben Farmer and Chick all started for them. More about them later..

A penalty in our half that Lovett found touch from. Lead to a great catch and drive. Jules to spin off feed Mikey and another try for Cantabs.

Now this put our players and the RAF back in the mood Cantabs' normally cool defence was in tatters and some over eager (possibly high) consecutive tackles and we're down to fourteen men.

A carbon copy of our last try led to Fraser crashing over from close range.

A raft of changes due to injury, age and general levels of fitness a very different Cantabs came out and it showed in the second half

Chick was making in roads all over the place and Josh scored their first, Ben Farmer scored another from some lacklustre tackling from Cantabs, the same could be said for their third and fourth tries too. We also had someone else sent to the bin

Thank god for out line out. Yep good old catch and drive Mikey goes over to draw the game.

The regiment played very well and deserved the result, Cantabs need to add more steel to their defence and finish our chances better.

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