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Cantabs 20 - 21 Stowmarket

Cantabs welcomed Stowmarket for the top of the table clash with Cantabs unbeaten and Stowmarket only losing one game everyone (including the ref!) knew it was going to be a close hard fought game, however not many people expected the result to have 1 point in it!

Cantabs started slowly, possibly with a few nerves coming into the game, however after 10 minutes a line out led to quick ball out to the back with Steve Cowperthwaite scoring in the corner and Cantabs getting a 5-0 lead. The game continued on with each side giving very little away, however Cantabs starting to give needless penalties away allowing Stowmarket’s excellent kicker the opportunity to place 3 penalties, pushing Stowmarket into a 9-5 lead. Cantabs however came back with a try to make it 10-9. The last ten minutes of the first half consisted Stow getting yet another penalty and Nick Meyer being put in the sin bin. However this seemed to galvanize Cantabs who even with 14 men scored another try with Sammi touching down in the corner. Half time score 15-12.

The 2nd half was much the same, Cantabs making all the moves and playing the rugby but Stowmarket sticking to their game plan of kicking deep and hoping Cantabs would give away penalties. They got their reward with penalties for deliberate knock on and 2 off side giving them a 21-15 lead. Cantabs however did not give up and with 3 minutes to got pushed over in the corner to score a 4th try and give the bonus point.

In all Cantabs should not be too disheartened, 20-21 final score but 4-0 on the try count. Less penalties conceded and a win would have been secured. Stowmarket came with a definite game plan and executed it well.

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